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Hungary u17 - Israel u17 1 - 0 Massa 0
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Milorad Mazic is a good choice PLC for this match

Olympiakos - Juventus 1 - 0 Mazic

Another great team slipped to Piraeus. This time, this was the fate of Juventus. Coach Mitchel Gonzales celebrated the minimum score. Juventus is the biggest part of the match seemed anemic. Play the "old ladies" seemed no ideas for most of the match. It was only in the last 15 - 20 minutes brought a little more excitement at the door a great past red and white Robredo. Olympiakos players were on the field, leave the heart and therefore can be said to have deservedly won the match with the favored Juventus.

Milorad Mazic's performance

As far as performance Milorad Mazic and his team, it can be said that it was quite good. This was a quite challeging game for the refereeing. When the two teams meet one of which is temperamental and other "football cheeky" and yet when we add still hot atmosphere at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium then it is quite clear that on such a game, the referee will not have an easy job, and just so happened. The referee awarded a total of 30 fouls as the match of the Champions League big number. However, despite such a large number of offenses charged against referees on the court acted seamlessly. This statement certainly seems strange, but true. This is because the game was much contact between the players and the referee in these multiple contacts swam between the LotG and the spirit of the game. Let me be permitted to say that in this "swimming" referee Mazic‡ was successful. The referee is allowed to play, but not at the expense of football and safety of the player. No team can be the mind that referee had uneven criterion as to the teams, and the parts of the field of play. So, the Milorad Mazic had completely uniform criterion. On some awarded fouls can be discussed, but, they are in terms of gaining a complete picture referees effect irrelevant. Of course, credit goes to good movement and positioning. It was necessary to pass a few minutes of the match and the referee finds the right rhythm and pace of developments in relation to the game and the players. Also on this occasion I wish to emphasize calm and cool-headed Mazic in certain situations when it showed a clear attitude and a desire to act preventively. It has yielded results. Regarding disciplinary measures Mazic pronounced five warnings. All YC's were issued in two intervals. For the first part was from 38. to 44. minutes when the shown YC's Juventus player Lichtsteiner for a reckless challenge (38. minutes) and Olympiakos player Botia (44. minutes) for the same nature of the offense. After that, there was another interval in which three YC's were issued. It was a period of 56. to 65. minutes when the shown YC's Masuaku from Olympiakos (56. minutes) for unsportsmanlike conduct - complaints, followed by Juventus striker Pogba (59. minutes) due to the use of the elbow in the jump-final game at the end Marchisio (65. minutes) due withdrawal opponents (SPA). After that, although the game was more vigorous, the referee is no longer a need to respond to disciplinary action which clearly shows that Mazic find the right timing for imposing disciplinary measures taking into account their positive effect on the further course of the match.


Richard Maddison

referee/ bio

Maddison was born in Ryhope near Sunderland, but was brought up in the small mining community of Horden in county Durham. Later on the family moved to York in the 1930`s.


In the fifties Maddison led a group of referee`s from England to the Argentine. Richard refereed the 1953 version of the Copa del America, up to the semi-final.



referee/ dyk

This English referee took charge of matches in the 1953 South American Championships. In one match he was kicked by a Paraguayan player. Paraguay actually made 4 changes (apparently no one noticed at the time) and the match was awarded to its opponent, Peru.
Another match he tok charge of in the same tournament, Bolivia - Chile, was abandoned and awarded to Chile.

source: Martín Tabeira at RSSSF

Maddison was also friends with Alberto di Stefanio.


A tale of two (soft) penalties

Andorra - Israel 1 - 4 Balaj

Israel wanted a second victory in a row, and got an early, lucky goal. Damari tried to send a cross from right to left, but the ball, unintentionally, eventually crossed the goal-line (3'). Soon Andora equalised from the penalty-spot (15'), but Israel led again before half-time, and added another two (the last one a converted penalty-kick, 90'+6') to win convincingly.

Mr. Balaj

Generally, there should have been an easy match for the ref. and except one incident - a flare-up close to the half-time whistle, 45'+2', which was resolved sensibly with yellow to both players - it was just that. When Shechter (israel) substituted a tem-mate (65') he complicated matters for the ref., being aq notorious diver. He then received two free-kicks instead of letting Israel play the advantage (probably because the way Shechter tumbles to the ground when he is fouled makes the ref. think he might be hurt, and he decides to stop the game "just in case"). The third fall was inside the Andoran penalty-box (90'+5'), as if the Andoran goalie fouled him from behind (after a terrible miss in front of the goal). Balaj fell for it, awarded a penalty-kick, which was the last ball-kick of the match. Much earlier the referee (or perhaps hiss aar, Popa) awarded a penalty-kick to Andora after 14 minutes of play. In this case, probably for pushing from behind. It seemed to be the aar's decision as initially play went on till Andora missed a goal, only then the ref. indicated the decision (I'm yet not sure if Balaj tried to let advantage play, or just decided after hearing from his aar).



historic matches

Both teams were keen on winning - Cyprus after a surprise away win in Zenica (Bosnia), Israel a right-foot opener to their campaign. At the end, Israel had the upper hand after leading 2-0 at half-time.


Mr. Orsato has climbed quickly through FIFA and UEFA rankings, already having some CL group-stage games behind in the 2013-2014 season. On the evening he proved to be a very good assessor of foulqnon-foul play. However, he proved inconsistent when considering advantage options. Some impeccable applications of the advantage rule (6', 49', 80') compenstated for cases where he robbed teams and players of using advantage for their benefit (50', 60', 90'+2'). I also didn't like his behaviour when Ben Haim (israel was substituted (74'). As the score-line was 2-1, the player walked slowly towards the touch-line. The referee didn't like it, but his reaction was unbecoming - he ran quickly, grabbed the player and pulled him aggressively, enabling himself to brandish the yellow card in front of the player and not behind his back: the idea was right, the execution - wrong.






the WorldReferee team