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10-10  Scotland u21 - France u21 Guida
10-10  Central African Republic - Madagascar Ngambo
10-10  Eritrea - Botswana Nour El Din
10-10  Chad - Sierra Leone Fagla
10-11  Netherlands u21 - Slovakia u21 Shmuelevitz
10-11  Moldova u21 - Latvia u21 Jakupovic
10-12  Switzerland u21 - Norway u21 Ouschan
Latest results
Germany u21 - Finland u21 4 - 0 Tohver 0
Macedonia - Ukraine 0 - 2 Hategan 0
Austria u21 - Azerbaijan u21 7 - 0 Jonsson 0
Belarus u21 - Turkey u21 0 - 2 Rogers 0
Montenegro - Austria 2 - 3 Orsato 0
Sweden u21 - Estonia u21 5 - 0 Thorarinnsson 0
Moldova - Russia 1 - 2 Koukoulakis 0
Belgium u21 - Malta u21 2 - 0 Jovic 0
Liechtenstein - Sweden 0 - 2 Liany 0
Belgium u19 - Belarus u19 2 - 2 Valjic 0
Ireland u21 - Lithuania u21 3 - 0 Casanova 0
Switzerland - San Marino 7 - 0 Gestranius 0
Gibraltar u19 - France u19 0 - 9 Proske 0
Denmark u21 - Wales u21 0 - 0 Martinez Munuera 0
Slovenia - Lithuania 1 - 1 Kuipers 0
Netherlands u19 - Liechtenstein u19 2 - 0 Stoyanov 0
Portugal u21 - Hungary u21 2 - 0 Doyle 0
England - Estonia 2 - 0 Vad 0
San Marino u19 - Sweden u19 0 - 1 Vadachkoria 0
Bulgaria u21 - Armenia u21 2 - 0 Nikolaides 0
Spain - Luxembourg 4 - 0 Delferiere 0
Luxembourg u21 - Romania u21 0 - 1 Saar 0
Slovakia - Belarus 0 - 1 Göcek 0
Italy u19 - Finland u19 1 - 1 Hernandez Hernandez 0
Serbia u19 - Estonia u19 5 - 0 Stieler 0
Portugal - Denmark 1 - 0 Clattenburg 0
Czech Republic u19 - Armenia u19 4 - 0 Pandzic 0
Albania - Serbia 0 - 2 Rizzoli 0
Norway u21 - Kazakhstan u21 2 - 1 Kaludjerovic 0
Romania - Finland 1 - 1 Thomson 0
Switzerland u21 - Bosnia-Herzegovina u21 3 - 1 Muntean 0
Northern Ireland - Greece 3 - 1 Nijhuis 0
Slovenia u21 - Italy u21 0 - 3 Frankowski 0
Hungary - Faroe Islands 2 - 1 Schörgenhofer 0
Ukraine u21 - Iceland u21 0 - 1 Jaccottet 0
Scotland - Poland 2 - 2 Kassai 0
Slovakia u21 - Cyprus u21 2 - 0 Nevalainen 0
Ireland - Germany 1 - 0 Velasco Carballo 0
Georgia - Gibraltar 4 - 0 Boiko 0
England u19 - Macedonia u19 2 - 0 Kalkavan 0
Belgium u19 - Gibraltar u19 9 - 0 Vadachkoria 0
Netherlands u19 - Gibraltar u19 9 - 0 Proske 0
Sweden u19 - Belarus u19 2 - 0 Direktorenko 0
France u19 - Liechtenstein u19 3 - 1 Marshall 0
San Marino u21 - Croatia u21 0 - 3 Ozkalfa 0
Georgia u21 - Spain u21 2 - 5 Papir 0
Serbia u21 - Andorra u21 5 - 0 Vnuk 0
Cyprus u17 - Montenegro u17 0 - 1 Pashaj 0
Russia u17 - Belarus u17 5 - 0 Szabo 0
Armenia u17 - San Marino u17 1 - 1 Tean 0

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Kokou FaglaChad - Sierra LeoneIbrahim Nour El DinEritrea - BotswanaNdala NgamboCentral African Republic - MadagascarMarco GuidaScotland u21 - France u21

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referee/ bio

Ede Herczog, who became an international referee in 1907, took charge of a semi-final in the 1912 Olympic tournament. Herczog was born in Pecsenyéd (nowadays Pöttsching, Austria) in 25. 08. 1880 and died in Budapest in 14. 09. 1953 because of tuberculosis.



referee/ bio

The youngest ref on our list in 2008. A rising star from Hungary. One to watch, we thought at first, but he seems to be stuck with qualifiers.


Fabian was a UEFA Category 2 referee. After his demotion to the Category 3, he retired from refereeing in September 2015.


world cup

referee/ bio

Domingo Lombardi was born on 1988-03-22 in Santa Lucia.
He took charge of a match at the 1928 Olympic Tournament and one in the first World Cup finals in 1930, in his own country.
Domingo died in 1971.



referee/ bio

Ivancsics was born in 2. November 1890. He was a player for Budai 33 FC and became a FIFA referee in the year he went to the Olympic Games (apparantly). He took charge of a semi-finals. These were pre-World Cup days and the Olympic Tournament was the most important one for football. He was a linesman in 4 matches of the 1934 World Cup.
Ivancsics, who was a mechaniker by the railways, died in 28. January 1959 becasue of kidney failure.


Ivancsics was a linesman in 4 matches at the 1934 World Cup. He changed his name to Ivanyi in the same year.



referee/ bio

Hassan Mohamed Hagi started refereeing in Somalia in 2008 and became an international FIFA referee in 2014.



referee/ bio

Sherwin Trevor Johnson began his football career as a defender playing for Monnederlust Football Club from his birth place West Berbic. In 2007 Johnson changed his involvement in football and decided to become a referee.


In March 2008 FIFA-trained Referee Instructor Lawrence Griffith conducted a Beginners Referee Course at the Blairmont Community Centre, Sherwin attended and received a pass mark of 92 percent. This was the beginning of his referee career which after commited tarining brought him the FIFA badge in 2012.


About WorldReferee, Sepp Blatter and his sponsors


Four years ago Sepp Blatter started his fourth term as president promising to reform FIFA, promising to fight corruption and promising not to seek a fifth term. During FIFA's congress last week it's become clear reform has not taken place, corruption inside FIFA is worse than ever and 79-year old Blatter won a fifth term.
There is no expectation left that in the next four years FIFA will change it's course. FIFA is Blatter and Blatter is FIFA and as long as they are glued together nothing will change.
The current situation is very sad, chances of national federations leaving FIFA are growing and a split up of worldwide football community seems likely.

WorldReferee has it's origins in sportsmanship. Sportsmanship should be the basis of every sport. Sport should unite, should create enjoyment and bring the better things of people into their communities.
FIFA now is only united by money. Grey old men, most of them even unable to shoot a ball, are craving for money in backroom chambers. Most money is supplied by FIFA's sponsors. Therefore WorldReferee has called on the eight main sponsors of FIFA to withdraw their support for Blatter. We call on every supporter of football to do the same. Press the money providers that are facilitating the shameful business that is conducted in the name of sport. If nothing changes WorldReferee will support a new organization that provides a real basis for the love of football.
The top FIFA sponsers you'll find here.

Consequently we had contact with Visa Inc. We have not heard anything from the others, but we keep on following them closely. We like to share Visa Inc's response here:
"From the Office of the CEO, Visa Inc.

Thank you for reaching out to me regarding Visa’s sponsorship of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). As stewards of the Visa brand, my management team and I take seriously our responsibility to reinforce with Visa’s sponsorship partners the need to operate in a transparent and ethical manner. You will see that reflected in our public statement, which we issued earlier this week. Please know that we greatly appreciate hearing your voice and perspective on this important issue, and will work hard to ensure that the Visa brand continues to reflect the core values that have fueled its industry leadership for nearly 60 years.

Charles W. Scharf
Chief Executive Officer, Visa Inc"

Dutch referee Gözübüyük named in matchfixing case


Gözübüyük is named inside a justice case in Bochum, Germany, by a man called 'Rooie Paul' (Red Paul).

According to the German justice department Red Paul is a key player in a big match fixing case. In the hope of reduced sentences Red Paul started talking to the justice deparment. During his interrogatation Red Paul seems to have admitted that he and Gözübüyük did meet each other in the canteen of Haarlem football club Young Boys. This canteen was closed in 2011 when it came into the open that it was used for illegal poker tournaments by criminals. Two matches are suspected: Jupiler League-games Veendam-Helmond Sport (0-0) en Fortuna Sittard-SC Cambuur (1-2), both played in september 2009. Both games attracted huge amounts of gamble money.

Earlier in 2011 anonymous sources named Gözübüyük taking part in nightly poker sessions with soccer players. The case never came alive because all involved denied.

Gözübüyük denies all charges about match fixing. The Dutch football association KNVB is convinced of the integrity of the Gözübüyük. KNVB calls Red Paul an unreliable source and is not happy with all this publicity damaging Gözübüyüks career. This weekend Gözübüyük is taking charge of the championship game between PSV and Heerenveen.
sources: De Volkskrant,,

Howard Webb retires


Today the Premier League announced that Howard Webb has retired as a active match referee.

Howard becomes technical director of PGMOL (England referee commission)

Champions League final 2014


Bjorn Kuipers has been selected to referee the European Champions League final 2014.

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