Referees from Malta

Alan Mario Sant
Intl. since: 2010
Sant holds a university degree in management and is currently employed as a Human Resources Manager with a National Agency. Source:
Clayton Pisani
Intl. since: 2009
Hometown: Iklin
Anders Frisk was Pisani's favorite foreign referee.
Marco Borg
Intl. since: 1997
Hometown: St. Venera
Marco Borg's favorite referee is Manuel Mejuto Gonzalez
Charles Agius
Intl. since:
Now (2012) the chairman of the Maltese referees' committee, in the 1990s a FIFA referee with an impressive list of matches. See his palmares.
Trustin Farrugia
Intl. since: 2016
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Joseph Attard
Intl. since: 2000
Hometown: Dingli
Toronto, Canada born Joe Attard, used to play for his country's U16 and U18 team. He started refereeing in 1989 and has been on the FIFA list between 2000 and 2009.
Paul Bonett
Intl. since: 1961
Hometown: Floriana / Sta Lucia
Paul Bonett stopped playing football because of a lack of time but took up refereeing instead from 1953 on. A first class ref from 1958, FIFA ref in 1961 until 1978. At home he too
Lawrence Sammut
Intl. since:
Lawrence Sammut, aka Lorry, has had a long career as a referee in Malta. Taking charge of matches since 1981. Since 2005 he runs the Malta referees Asssociation.
Fyodor Zammit
Intl. since: 2016
Fyodor Zammit started his refereeing career when he was only 14 years of age and made his debut in Malta's top division in 2011. Zammit is a UEFA Category 3 Referee and he was list
Alfred Micallef
Intl. since: 1992
Hometown: Qormi
Because his boss was also a sponsor of the national team, Alfred Micallef could become the first professional referee in Malta.
Christopher Lautier
Intl. since: 2005
This hairless hairdresser from Malta, started taking charge of matches in 1991. He has not been a football player. He is a UEFA Category 3 referee.
Adrian Casha
Intl. since:
Hometown: Hamrun
Adrian D. Casha has had a short international career. He started in 2003 and his last year was 2007.
Anthony Zammit
Intl. since: 1991
Hometown: Victoria (Gozo)
Anthony Zammit's brother (?) Emanuel was an assistant referee in the 1998 World Cup.
Edgar Azzopardi
Intl. since: 1980
Hometown: Gzira
Edgar Azzopardi must have been on the FIFA panel for at least 10 years, starting from 1980. He was active as a referee from 1969 until 1993.
Emanuel Zammit
Intl. since: 1992
Zammit once said that being a referee in Malta is really hard since Malta is so small you're faced with the players, club officials and supporters every day. They take you up on yo
Adrian Azzopardi
Intl. since: 2015
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Kevin Azzopardi
Intl. since: 2013
Hometown: Italian
Born in 1980, Azzopardi started his refereeing career as a fifteen year old in 1995 culminating with obtaining the FIFA badge in 2013.
Richard Casha
Intl. since: 1962
Hometown: Sliema
Richard Casha was a FIFA referee during seasons 1962/63 and 1963/64. Then later he came back on from 1969 until at least 1980.
Joseph M Cassar Naudi
Intl. since: 1960
Hometown: Msida
Joseph Cassar Naudi was not only an international referee (1964 European Championships), but also the founder of the Malta Table Tennis Association and, after his retirement as a r
Victor Mintoff
Intl. since:
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Anthony Briguglio
Intl. since: 1971
Hometown: Qormi
Tony Briguglio started his refereeing carreer in 1960 and was nominated on the FIFA Panel of Referees in 1969 and was active till 1986.
Charles Scerri
Intl. since:
Hometown: Lija
A former teacher, player and then referee and now president of the Lija Athletic FC, a side he joined at 14. Scerri was national referee for 23 years and held a FIFA badge for 15 y
Edwin Borg
Intl. since: 1972
Hometown: Msida
When Edwin Borg became an international referee he lived in a house called "Foggy Bell".
Arthur Lentini
Intl. since: 1960
Hometown: Hamrun
An international referee from 1961 until 1971. Arthur "Turu" Lentini died in 1986.
Richard Stagno Navarra
Intl. since: 1969
Hometown: Lija
His obit in the doesn't mention his career in broadcasting at all, but have him as a dedicated referee association administrator. In fact Richard Stagno Navarra fe
Anthony Mangion
Intl. since: 1975
Hometown: Gudja
An international referee probably stating from 1975 for at least 4 years.
George Busuttil
Intl. since: 1973
Hometown: Tarxien
A FIFA referee in 1973.
Joseph Agius
Intl. since: 1967
Hometown: Ghaxaq
Joseph Agius was an international referee during season 1968/69 (and maybe one before that).
John F Galea
Intl. since: 1968
Hometown: Msierah
John F Galea was an international referee probably only during season 1968/67.
Matthew De Gabriele
Intl. since: 2019
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