UEFA Europa League qualifying game between Rapid Vienna and HJK Helsinki in August 2014

Stephane Laurent Lannoy is a well-known football referee from France who has officiated in some of the biggest matches in the world. He has a wealth of experience and is respected by players, coaches, and fans alike. One of his most memorable matches was the Europa League qualifier between Rapid Vienna and HJK Helsinki in August 2014.

The match was a tense affair, with both teams vying for a place in the group stages of the competition. Lannoy had his work cut out for him as he had to manage the physicality of the game and ensure that the players adhered to the rules of the game.


The first half was a closely contested affair, with both teams having their fair share of chances. However, it was Rapid Vienna who broke the deadlock in the 41st minute with a goal from Louis Schaub. The goal was met with wild celebrations from the home fans, and Lannoy had to calm things down on the pitch.

The second half was a much more open affair, with both teams going all out for the win. HJK Helsinki managed to equalize in the 62nd minute with a goal from Berat Sadik, which set up a thrilling finale to the match. Lannoy had to keep a close eye on proceedings, as the tension began to rise on the pitch.

In the 81st minute, Rapid Vienna were awarded a penalty after a foul by HJK Helsinki's Nikolai Alho. However, the decision was controversial, as many felt that the foul had occurred outside the penalty area. Lannoy consulted with his assistant referees before making the final decision, which was to award the penalty. Louis Schaub stepped up to take the penalty and scored, giving Rapid Vienna a crucial 2-1 lead.

The rest of the match was played out with a great deal of intensity, but Lannoy managed to keep control of proceedings. Rapid Vienna held on for the win, which secured their place in the group stages of the Europa League.

Stephane Laurent Lannoy's performance in this match was a testament to his experience and skill as a referee. He managed to keep the players in check, even in the most challenging moments of the game, and made the right decisions when it mattered most. It was a memorable match, and Lannoy played a crucial role in ensuring that it was a fair and exciting contest.

Mark Geiger during the FIFA 2014 World Cup