Champions League final 2022

The UEFA Champions League final in 2022 featured a highly anticipated match between two top-tier teams. The referees assigned to officiate this prestigious event were selected based on their expertise and experience in handling high-pressure encounters.

The referee for the Champions League final in 2022 was Mark Clattenburg from England. Known for his authoritative presence on the field and excellent decision-making skills, Clattenburg brought his wealth of experience to ensure a fair and thrilling competition.


Assisting Clattenburg were the two assistant referees, Simon Beck and Stuart Burt, also from England. They played a crucial role in monitoring offside decisions, fouls, and other aspects of the game, working in tandem with the main referee to maintain the integrity of the match.

In addition to the referee and assistant referees, the Champions League final also had a fourth official responsible for managing substitutions, tracking time, and assisting the main referee when needed. The fourth official for the 2022 final was Szymon Marciniak from Poland.

These highly skilled and experienced officials worked together to ensure that the Champions League final in 2022 was played under the highest standards of fairness and professionalism. Their presence on the field contributed to the overall success and integrity of the match, allowing players and fans alike to witness a memorable and closely contested competition.

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