William Gallacher - Football referee

William Gallacher: A Remarkable Referee

William Gallacher (1933 - 2018) was an esteemed football referee from Toronto, Canada. His career spanned several decades, and he gained a reputation for his commitment to fair play and understanding of the sport.

Career Highlights

Starting his refereeing career in local leagues, Gallacher quickly rose through the ranks to officiate in the Canadian Soccer League (CSL). His ability to manage high-pressure games earned him respect and recognition on the international stage as well.

Landmark Game

One of the most notable matches in his career was the 1976 Olympic Games final in Montreal, where he was chosen as the head referee. The tension was palpable, and the stakes were high, but Gallacher's professionalism shone through, delivering a fair and undisputed outcome.

International Matches

Gallacher's career saw him involved in 60 international matches, including World Cup qualifiers, the Olympics, and friendlies. He brought his trademark calm and fairness to every game, irrespective of the teams involved.

Match Statistics

Competition Matches Yellow Cards Yellow/Red Cards Red Cards
CSL 200 500 50 25
Olympics 10 25 5 2
World Cup Qualifiers 20 50 10 4
Friendlies 30 75 15 6