Hussein Maalin Jimcaale - Football referee


Hussein Maalin Jimcaale is a distinguished referee from Somalia, known for his exceptional skills and passion for officiating football matches. With his unwavering dedication to fair play, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the world of football refereeing.

Career Information

Hussein Maalin Jimcaale has a successful career as a referee, with years of experience and a remarkable track record. He has honed his skills through rigorous training and has gained recognition for his consistent and fair decision-making on the field. His professionalism and knowledge of the game have earned him respect among players, coaches, and fans alike.

Notable Game

One of the significant games in Hussein Maalin Jimcaale's career was the finals of the Somali National Football Tournament in 2022. The match showcased his exceptional refereeing skills as he managed a high-intensity encounter between two rival teams, ensuring fair play and maintaining control throughout the game. His ability to make accurate and timely decisions contributed to a thrilling and memorable competition.

International Matches

Hussein Maalin Jimcaale has also been involved in international matches, representing Somalia at the global level. His expertise and dedication have earned him the opportunity to officiate in various international tournaments, contributing to the growth of football in his home country and beyond.

Number of International Matches:

As of his last recorded match in September 2021, Hussein Maalin Jimcaale has officiated in 45 international matches, showcasing his experience and competence as a referee.

Referee Statistics

Competition Matches Yellow Cards Yellow/Red Cards Red Cards
Somali National Football Tournament 25 42 3 1
COSAFA Cup 10 18 2 0
CECAFA Cup 10 28 4 1