Riyaz Rasheed
Intl. since:
Country: Maldives

Riyaz rasheed is not only the number one referee in the Maldives, but also a MP representing Thaa Atoll. When his country's number of FIFA referees went from three to two, Riyaz lost his place. You'd wonder why he did, since he seems an important man on the Maldives. Or maybe he was too busy.

Did you know

  • September 3, 2007 Riyaz Rasheed filed a civil suit against parliament speaker Ahmed Zahir for assault. Riyaz wass seeking compensation from Zahir for allegedly trying to strangle him during a sitting of the parliament or People's Majlis. Riyaz is also seeking compensation from Zahir for allegedly defaming him. Zahir however denied that he had defamed Riyaz. "And at the time when the Majlis became heated, I put my hand on Riyaz's back and asked him to leave. Riyaz told me not to touch him," Zahir said.
  • In 2008 Riyaz blundered in Dhiraagu Dhivehi League's final game between Victory and New Radiant, where he canceled a penalty because another Victory player was standing in the penalty area and awarded a free kick to the other team instead. According to the rules the penalty should have been retaken.
    Rasheed admitted his decision was a mistake, but denies the stories that he disobeyed the rules.
    The same thing happened to Yoshida
Statistics for RIYAZ RASHEED
Totals Home Away Total
Penalties 0 0 0
Fouls 0 0 0
Yellow 2 2 4
YellowRed 0 0 0
Red 0 0 0
Averages Home Away Total
Penalties 0 0 0
Fouls 0 0 0
Yellow 2 2 2
YellowRed 0 0 0
Red 0 0 0

Based on 1 international matches

Date Score Yellow Red Penalties Fouls
WC 2006 qualifiers - Asia
2nd stageTaiwanPalestine2004-10-140 - 1 4 (2-2)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)