Peter Lauer
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Country: Swaziland

This German engineer working in Swaziland was a FIFA referee. We found a friendly match with him in the centre. But his story is a nasty one and has (probably) nothing to do with football, see did-you-know.


We list Peter Lauer, a German now living in Germany, under Swaziland, a country he probably doesn't want to be reminded of, but he was a FIFA ref from that country.


Peter Lauer telling the players to behave and wishing them luck before the match


Did you know

  • On January 1999 Peter Lauer and a Selby Dlamini were arrested by the Sidwashini filling station, Swaziland. The police were waiting for them after having been tipped off. When Lauer and his companion - a player for Umbelebele Football Club - got out of Lauer's car, police found a stack of counterfeit banknotes on the passenger seat. The two were arrested but Dlamini later escaped custody.

    Later on the police found a copier and a paper cutter in Lauer's house (they would find one in my house too, EPV) which apparently is proof for counterfeiting money.
    During the trial Lauer defended himself saying he'd arrived alone at the filling station and met Dlamini there who'd asked him if he could take him somewhere in his car. Police witnesses however stated Lauer and Dlamini had been together.
    The police witnesses contradicted themselves and Lauer had a witness who confirmed his story.
    While in custody Peter Lauer suffered two strokes and he was partly paralyzed during the trial.
    But copying money on a Xerox and making it look real? Is that even possible?
  • That was what we read in Swaziland papers, but in 2011 Peter Lauer wrote to us about what happened to him in jail. The letter reads like an Amnesty International report
    He writes: ".. I was a FIFA Referee until Swazi Police "forced" me to retire by lengthy and very brutal tortures provoking two strokes and more.... ". After 7,5 months he was proven innocent and acquitted. Lauer moved to South Africa and then to Germany and suffers from a health condition.
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