Lionel Gibbs
Intl. since:
Hometown: Woodley
Country: England

A short man who had twenty two years on the Football League, Lionel Gibbs was the referee of the 1944 war-time Cup Final.

After the war the company he worked sent him to South America where he continued refereeing at the top level.

La Prensa

In April 16, 2009, Dick Sawdon Smith wrote on the site that he had an extract from the newspaper La Prensa about Gibbs' first game in South America.

"¬?¬?The appearance of Mr Lionel Gibbs on the San Lorenzo ground drew laughter and applause from the enormous crowd. The referee was appropriately attired, football boots, black and white stripes rugby stockings, shorts that reached to his knees.

¬?¬?"In addition he wore a long striped sports coat, which even further accentuated his lack of inches.

"¬?When the game began, the laughter ceased. The crowd watched the referee set to work without ostentation or posing and with the perfect conception of the rules. He was serious and most efficient '¬?¬? like a good referee'. "¬?¬Ě
I guess the translation is the authors'. San Lorenzo is in Argentina. There is a La Prensa in every Spanish speaking country.

Did you know

  • Some say Lionel Gibbs was the first referee who didn't always wear a black kit.
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