Joe Jackson
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Country: Scotland

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Although this match is not always recognised as a full international, there
is no doubt by the Scottish and Belgian FAs that it had full status. The match
was described by debutant Archibald Baird in his autobiography as follows: "It
was a game that should never have been played. Snow covered the ground to a depth
of several inches and the top surface was a sheet of ice, making it more like a
skating rink than a football pitch. The fact that the Belgians had travelled so far
- and a foreign team was a rarity in Scotland - must have influenced the decision to
go ahead with the game. An international match would never be played today in those
conditions. To add to the chaos caused by snow and ice, the ground was enveloped in
a thick fog. Far from being able to see both goals from the centre circle as the
rulebook insisted, we would barely make out players a couple of yards away. For the
spectators, the whole thing was farcical; few if any saw the four goals scored that
day,......". "Certainly, the goalkeepers never saw them,......".

Statistics for JOE JACKSON
Totals Home Away Total
Penalties 1 0 1
Fouls 0 0 0
Yellow 0 0 0
YellowRed 0 0 0
Red 0 0 0
Averages Home Away Total
Penalties 1 0 0.5
Fouls 0 0 0
Yellow 0 0 0
YellowRed 0 0 0
Red 0 0 0

Based on 1 international matches

Date Score Yellow Red Penalties Fouls
ScotlandBelgium1946-01-232 - 2 0 (0-0)0 (0-0)1 (1-0)0 (0-0)