James Highet
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James Highet was a FIFA referee from 1970 until 1974 when he was taken off the FIFA list because of a match in Haiti. Highet continued his career in the NASL and Soccer Bowl 78. He retired in 1986.


December 1973, the 1974 World Cup qualifier Haiti - Trinidad and Tobago. A match that was also a part of the now defunct CONCACAF Championship. Highet was linesman for Salvadoran referee Jose Henriquez. In the space of twenty minutes three Trinidad goals were disallowed and Haiti won 2-1.

According to Highet it was the referee who overruled his calls every time. By winning the match Haiti went to the World Cup in Germany.

It was because of Mexican allegations and complaints about the handling of the match that the referee and the lines men were removed from their countries' FIFA list.

Haiti - which was a dictatorship if there ever was one, run by a sadistic doctor - won the Championship, for the first and last time.

Did you know

  • James Highet wrote:
    The late Sir Stanley Rous was at Soccer Bowl 78 and we spoke after the game and he had been in Haiti and felt that my removal from the FIFA list was the Canadian Soccer Associaton bowing to pressure from Mexico.
    I hope this helps to clarify the situation.
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