Farah Addo
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Country: Somalia

Former referee, former president of the Somalian Football Federation, former president of the Council of East and Central Africa Football Associations, former president of the Somali Olympic Committee, former first vice-president of CAF and it's honorary member and reinstated president of the Somali Football Federation, Farah Weheliye Addo died November 19 2008.


Addo, who once tried to become the head of FIFA himself, was an enemy of Sepp Blatter. Blatter, who can't have any pretenders to his throne said he forgave him (see did-you-know). The FIFA site anounced his death quoting Blatter: "Mr Addo lent Somali football a forceful voice in African and world football. His commitment to our sport and the Olympic movement made him a key figure in both our organizations. Despite the disagreements which opposed us, I am happy that, in my capacity as FIFA President, I could lift the sanction imposed on him, and on a personal level, could pardon the past."

Next to the article was a picture, not of Addo, but of Blatter himself.


If you want to take sides against Blatter and for Addo bear in mind that he started his presidencies during the reign of Somalia's late dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre, who was fond of Addo.

Addo survived the dictator and became even more important after his death. According to the Somaliland Times Addo embezzled millions of dollars of money designated for Sports. Part of the money was used for financing war activities of Addo's own tribal militiamen, making him one of the the main financial backers.


Oh, yes, Farah Addo has also been an international referee in the early 1970s.

Did you know

  • After his refereeing career Addo became vice-president of the CAF.
    In 1998 Addo was offered 1 million dollar to support the election of Blatter as the new FIFA boss. The money was rendered by Arabic Gulf State businessman and AFC President Mohammed Bin Hamman. Addo refused and when the final election between Johansson and Blatter took place, Addo's accreditation seemed to have been vanished when he arrived in Paris. Luckily Addo brought a copy with him and with help from Johansson's entourage his accreditation was restored.
    Twelve other members of African nations switched their votes at the last moment and with the help of this support Blatter was chosen FIFA president.
    (source: "Foul!" by Andrew Jennings)
  • But there is more to this: In April 2008 we could read that Addo had his 10 year ban lifted by Blatter by "personal decree". Addo had pleaded clemency at the 2008 World Cup. In 2004 Addo was heavily fined and placed on a 10 year suspension by FIFA after being convicted on charges of embezzling thousands of dollars given to the Somalia Football Federation by FIFA.
    Blatter wrote: "During our brief discussion, you asked me, in my capacity as FIFA president, for a pardon in the unfortunate situation that led to your ban from taking part in any football-related activities for 10 years; as decided by the FIFA Disciplinary Committee on 20 July 2004. With this in mind, I take pleasure in informing you herewith that your ban has indeed been lifted by presidential decision, with immediate effect.

    Presidential decision.
    This is still about football, right?

    Addo who had opposed Blatter during his running for office was fined US$40,000.
    The newspaper this is from ( goes on after this about the sorry state of Somalian fields and football in general, hinting that corruption must have been rampant.
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