Erich Chemnitz
Born: 1891-01-29
Intl. since:
Hometown: Leipzig
Country: Germany
Speaks: German
Occupation: journalist

A sportsman until he was heavily injured in WW I (1914-1918), despite of his physical difficulties he managed to take charge of matches, and the friendly Hungary-Austria in 1917 must have been the highlight of his refereeing career. Erich Chemnitz died in 1981.


After the war he took up journalism and became the manager of VfB Leipzig. For twenty years he watched and wrote about sports often travelling abroad with the national football team. He wrote for many different newspapers. After WWII his country split in two and Chemnitz ended up being a (respected) sports journalist in the DDR. Travelling became harder and he missed going to see Germany (West) win the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland.


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Did you know

  • Chemnitz sometimes wrote in his passport when he had run out of paper during a match, he wrote in shorthand - illegible for others - and once he was held at a border for espionage.
  • When his house in Leipzig was destroyed in a bombing raid (1943) his whole archive, hundreds of articles, interviews with the most famous sportsmen of his age was destroyed as well.
Statistics for ERICH CHEMNITZ
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Penalties 0 0 0
Fouls 0 0 0
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Fouls 0 0 0
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HungaryAustria1917-10-072 - 1 0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)