Dumitru Aurelian Bogaciu
Born: 1982-02-16
Intl. since: 2008-01-01
Hometown: Bucarest
Country: Romania
Speaks: Romanian

Aurelian Bogaciu was only 24 when he was inducted on the FIFA list in 2007. UEFA had to grant him some kind of special permit to be able
to attend the European matches. Aurelian Bogaciu was only 27 when he was suspended.

football player

Aurelian used to be a promising football player himself. He was selected for all Romanian youth teams, until the stage of u19. After that, he quit playing
football and decided to start a referee career. In 2006 he was already promoted to the First class of Romanian referees.


At the time of writing, Bogaciu was a Fourth Class referee and had already refereed 31 matches in the first divison of Romania. In this, he attended at two matches between teams from the Big Four (Steaua, Dinamo, Rapid and CFR Cluj): Rapid - Dinamo (in 2007-08 season in the 32nd round) and Rapid - CFR Cluj (in 2008-09 season, in the 3rd round). Beside this, he was delegated at the 2008 Romanian Cup Final, CFR Cluj - Unirea Urziceni.


In april 2009 Aurelian Bogaciu was suspected of taking bribes from Cornel Penescu, the president of FC Arges. Police had come into possesion of taped phone conversations between Penescu, his associates and Aurelian Bogaciu. It was not enough evidence to put Bogaciu behind bars, but he got suspended. It was expected that more referees were involved in this match fixing scam.

suspended (2)

Bogaciu was removed from the FIFA List in June 2009 and is awaiting his trial, as a consequence of his involvement in the match fixing scandal. Until a decision will be reached, he is suspended for all referee-related activities.

source: danp

Totals Home Away Total
Penalties 1 1 2
Fouls 0 0 0
Yellow 7 8 15
YellowRed 0 0 0
Red 0 0 0
Averages Home Away Total
Penalties 0.2 0.2 0.2
Fouls 0 0 0
Yellow 1.4 1.6 1.5
YellowRed 0 0 0
Red 0 0 0

Based on 5 international matches

Date Score Yellow Red Penalties Fouls
Euro 2011 u21 qualifiers
Albania u21Scotland u212009-03-280 - 1 3 (2-1)0 (0-0)1 (1-0)0 (0-0)
Euro 2009 u17 qualifiers
Georgia u17Bosnia-Herzegovina u172008-09-271 - 0 3 (1-2)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)
Bosnia-Herzegovina u17Hungary u172008-09-240 - 1 4 (3-1)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)
Euro 2008 u17 qualifiers
elite roundSlovakia u17Sweden u172008-03-281 - 2 4 (0-4)0 (0-0)1 (0-1)0 (0-0)
elite roundCzech Republic u17Sweden u172008-03-266 - 0 1 (1-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)