Charles Argent
Intl. since:
Country: England

After his brief appearance as a football referee he joined the army as a PT instructor, becoming a Sargeant Major.
At the end of the war he went to work as aPT master at the St.AlbansSchool where he was also engaged in running The ATC. Upon retirement he moved from St.Albans to Watford where upon he took over the caretaker of the Masonic Hall in Rickmansworth Road. Whilst refereeing a game before the war Sir Stanley Rouse ran the line for C/A
Later after the war Sir Stanley was chairman of Watford fc ,whilst in that position he offered C/A a directorship, which he declined.I recall going to C/A house every Xmas for high tea and to receive presents. He gave me my first real football in about 1955. He was also a noted M.C. for Masonic Ladies nights. At the time he was noted for refereeing an international match on the continent in a pair of white plimsoles, after leaving his boots on a train on the way to the match.
Regretfully that?s about all I recall about C/A, as I left St.Albans in 1963 to go to work in hotels in Scarborough. I do recall seeing him at the wake for my grandfather in about 1986, that being the last time.

Written by Hugh Horsfield, great nephew of Charles Argent

Statistics for CHARLES ARGENT
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Penalties 0 0 0
Fouls 0 0 0
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Based on 4 international matches

Date Score Yellow Red Penalties Fouls
NetherlandsScotland1938-05-211 - 3 0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)
NetherlandsBelgium1937-05-021 - 0 0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)
British Championship
WalesScotland1937-10-302 - 1 0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)
Central European Cup
AustriaHungary1937-10-101 - 2 0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)0 (0-0)