Referees' personal websites/ fansites

Alain Sars' blogThe former French referee blogs about matches and stuff
Ali Al BadwawiAli Al Badwawi's website in arabic
Bernd HeynemannAbout his referee career, his political life and his book
Dick JolThe old Dutch master
Felipe Ramos RizoAbout Felipe Ramos Rizo, World Cup Referee from Mexico
Gholam Reza FirouzfarFirouzfars personal Facebook
Gianluca PaparestaGianluca's personal blog
Graham PollGraham "3 cards" Poll writes and speaks
Karl wald All you always wanted to know about Karl born in 1916
Manuel SchüttengruberAll about you always wanted to know...
Mario van der Ende's blogMario calls himself Mario and shows pictures of himself with semi-famous Dutch people and goes on and on about the incompetence of Dutch referees and about how he hates the Dutch referee boss. (in Dutch only)
Markus MerkGreat dentist from Otterbach and one of the best referees from the past
Roelof LuingeSite by a fan of the Dutch top referee
Rune LarssonAbout his referee career and his banking career, in Swedish
Urs MeierAbout referee and businessman Urs Meier

About Referees

Alberto Helderalmost everything we know about Portuguese refs comes from Alberto Helder. He also supplied us with almost all the pictures. Please see his blog.
All about refs blogGreat blog all about referees from Nacho
ApitonacianalAbout referees, mostly Brazilian.
Arbitro InternacionalCarlos Salcedo's Blog, he's from Colombia but the site is about refs from all over the world.
Davaran The Iranian site about referees (in Iranian)
football refereeingOur friend Niclas E's blog, very up to date and with a lot of facts and figures and even all the names of assistant and assistant assistant referees.
Jafar KhoshrooFormer referee Jafar Khoshroo blog about referees (in Persian)
LFTAInfo about Lithuanian referees from Valdas Knyzelis
Pitido InicialNews blog from Cesar de La Prida
refereefootbal (sic)This is our friend Roughani Majid's blog (in Persian)
Refereeing WorldA great blog from Dan Popescu showing referee news
RefereeTipBlog about international referees.

Referee organisations / platforms

ANAFNational association of Brazilian referees
APAFNational association of Portugese referees
Arbitros de Costa RicaEverything you always wanted to know about Costa Rican referees
CetaraA training and awareness project for young referees in southern Spain
HSVAbout referees from The Hague, Netherlands
SAFERGSReferee platform from the state of Rio Grande do Sul
SAPERJReferee platform from the state of Rio de Janeiro
Scheidsrechters EnschedeNews about referees from a Dutch town called Enschede
SINAFESCReferee platform from the state of Santa Catarina
SINDARFCEReferee platform from the state of Ceara
Slovak referees associationOfficial site of Slovakian Referee Association

Referee organisations / platforms

Iber CupIber Cup is one of the worlds largest international youth football tournaments.
Its supports new referee talents with help of expercienced international refs.
 Last ScoresLast scores is a website that collects and displays all scores of all matches of all tournaments in all parts of the world.
Macedonian footballVery up to date site in English by Igor Naumovski
 Rec. Sport Soccer Statistics FoundationAn enormous almost impenetrable archive of matches that dwarfs everything else about football on the net. And all this seems to have been simply typed without the use of a data base.
RefsworldAustralian referee Hary Milas' site. You can order your referee kit here, see lots of good pictures and read interviews with Australian refs.