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Referees Top 10 - 2016

Number 1: Viktor Kassai

This Hungarian referee debuted in the first league in 1999 He received his FIFA badge in 2003 and immediately started refereeing UEFA Cup matches. Kassai is an UEFA Elite Category referee.

Number 2: Andre Marriner

UEFA Category 1 referee Andre Marriner was 37 when he gained his FIFA badge in 2009. He has been a select group referee in England since 2005 and his first game was Wigan v Fulham. Since then he has gone on to control some of the biggest premier league games such as Liverpool v United.

Number 3: Bas Nijhuis

Bas Nijhuis started refereeing when he was only fifteen years old. Standing in the middle of the pitch one day he instantly knew that this was the world he wanted to belong to.

Number 4: Mark Clattenburg

Mark Clattenburg refereed his 1st Football League match at the age of just 25 - a post-war milestone at the time. He had served only one year as an assistant - a record shared with Steve Baines.

Number 5: Vladislav Bezborodov

Vladislav Bezborodov was selected for international matches and put on the FIFA-list in 2009. In May 2009 he took charge of the European U17 Championships final, always a good sign for a young referee. Currently he is a UEFA Category 1 referee.

Number 6: Nicola Rizzoli

Nicola Rizzoli is active in the Italian Serie A since 2002. In 2007 he received his FIFA badge and in August of that year he started with a CL qualifier. After only a year and a half he took charge of a Champions League group stage match. Rizzoli was promoted to the elite category at the beginning of season 2009-2010.

Number 7: Bjorn Kuipers

As a son of a referee Bjorn Kuipers decided early in his life to become a referee as well.

Number 8: Istvan Vad

This Hungarian referee appeared on the international stage in 2007 with a qualifier for the Champions League and one for the UEFA cup. A promising start.
In October 2010 Vad, while still only a UEFA category 2 referee, got assigned to Champions League group stage match.
From season 2012-2013, Vad is a UEFA Elite Development category referee.

Number 9: Clayton Pisani

Graduated as a physical education teacher at the University of Malta in 2002, Clayton Pisani became a national referee in 1994. He received his FIFA badge in 2009 when he took the place of Joe Attard.

Number 10: Damir Skomina

Malta, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Far Oer, Anothosis Famagusta, Rabotnicki Kometal, Debreceni VSC, names of some of the teams Slovenian referee Skomina encountered at the start of his international career. But since the 2009/10 season he belongs to the elite category. Two years later he was assigned the CL quarter-final Chelsea vs Benfica.

Bummer! Just outside our top 10: Milorad Mazic

Milorad Mazic became FIFA referee in 2009. He is a UEFA Elite Development Category ref after having been a Category 1 referee for two years. Presently busy taking charge of matches in the Europa League but expected to go to the Champions League soon.
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