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Referees Top 10 - 2015

Number 1: Alireza Faghani

Faghani became a referee in 2007 and a year later he got his FIFA badge, which shows the trust AFC have in him. He is also one of the top referees in Iran.

Number 2: Mark Clattenburg

Mark Clattenburg refereed his 1st Football League match at the age of just 25 - a post-war milestone at the time. He had served only one year as an assistant - a record shared with Steve Baines.

Number 3: Martin Atkinson

Martin Atkinson started his career at the early age of 16.

Number 4: Halis Ozkahya

Halis Ozkahya is a UEFA Category 2 referee, promoted from 4 in 2011.

Number 5: Kateryna Monzul

International since 2004, Kateryna Monzul is the best FIFA referee of her country. She is selected for the women World Cup 2011 in Germany, this summer.

Number 6: Pavel Kralovec

Pavel Kralovec slowly built his international career. First with qualifiers (UEFA Cup, Euro 2008, CL) and a few UEFA cup matches. Then finally in 2011, the Champions League.

Number 7: Fahad Al Mirdasi

Fahad AlMirdasi is a Physical Education teacher in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). He started refereeing in 2003 and became a FIFA referee in 2011. He participated in the Pan Arab games that year. But it is really in 2012 that his international career started as he was selected to officiate in an AFC President's Cup qualifier tournament in Cambodia as well as in an Under22 Asian Cup qualifier group in Myanmar.

Number 8: Roberto Garcia

Roberto Garcia Orozco was born in Mexico City in 1974. He holds his FIFA badge since 2007.

Number 9: Istvan Vad

This Hungarian referee appeared on the international stage in 2007 with a qualifier for the Champions League and one for the UEFA cup. A promising start.
In October 2010 Vad, while still only a UEFA category 2 referee, got assigned to Champions League group stage match.
From season 2012-2013, Vad is a UEFA Elite Development category referee.

Number 10: Ravshan Irmatov

Ravshan Irmatov has been very busy in 2009 and 2010, officiating at youth tournaments, qualifiers, the AFC Champions League and the World Cup

Bummer! Just outside our top 10: Anna-Marie Keighley

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