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Referees Top 10 - 2011

Number 1: Ravshan Irmatov

Ravshan Irmatov has been very busy in 2009 and 2010, officiating at youth tournaments, qualifiers, the AFC Champions League and the World Cup

Number 2: Wilmar Roldan

Wilmar Roldán Pérez was born in Amalfi, a little town in Antioquía, Colombia, on January 24th 1980. He´s one of the biggest promises of the South-American referee staff. He is a CONMEBOL Elite Category referee.

Number 3: Wilson Luiz Seneme

Wilson Luiz Seneme was a FIFA ref since 2006, lost his badge in 2008 because of an injury and got back on the list in 2009.
He is a CONMEBOL Elite category referee.

Number 4: Antonio Arias Alvarenga

Because of his style, Antonio Javier Arias nickname is Castrilli, after the famous Argentinian ref Javier Castrilli (who's nickname was The Sheriff). Arias Alvarenga was born in Puerto Casado and became a referee in 1992.
He is a CONMEBOL Elite category referee.

Number 5: Enrique Osses

Osses is known as one of the toughest referees in Chile. In 2005 for instance he sent off 21 players in 16 league games.
He is a CONMEBOL Elite Category referee.

Number 6: Sergio Pezzotta

Born in Rosario, Santa Fe, Sergio Fabián Pezzotta is an international top referee and one of the most severe referees in the AFA League. He tends to show red cards whenever the rules allow him to. He started refereeing in Argentina´s 1st division in 1999.
He used to be a CONMEBOL Elite Category referee until he retired in 2012 because of his age.

Number 7: Cuneyt Cakir

"My goal is the World Cup", he once stated, and why not. For starters he officiated a qualifier for the UEFA Cup and one for Euro 2008 in 2007.
He moved up to 'UEFA premier development category referee' at the start of 2010 and to Elite in June 2011.

Number 8: Felix Brych

It's doctor Felix Brych. The German referee is a doctor in law. His paper was about sports. Brych was promoted to the elite category at the start of season 2009-2010

Number 9: Roberto Silvera

For years Roberto Carlos Silvera Calcerrada, together with his compatriot Martín Vázquez, was considered the numbers two and three referee after Jorge Larrionda.
Until Larrionda retired. Now the CONMEBOL Elite category referee is the most important ref from Uruguay.

Number 10: Dario Ubriaco

Dario Ubriaco was a professional player in 1990 for Central Español. Ubrico played for Uruguay in the Sudamericano Sub20. He is a CONMEBOL Elite category referee, promoted in June 2011.

Bummer! Just outside our top 10: Yuichi Nishimura

Yuichi Nishimura officiated in the 2007 AFC Asia Cup. The same year he took charge of a quarter final and the final of the U17 World Cup in Korea, a match ending in a penalty shoot out won by Nigeria against Spain.
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