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With WorldReferee since 2006-06-14
© Archie Rogers
Real name Archie Rogers
Born 1984-03-20
With WR since 2006-06-14
Hometown Haarlem
Country Netherlands
Speaks Dutch, English, German, Spanish, French, Flamish, Portuguese, Japanese and some Frisian.
Occupation Editor
Hobbies Travelling, beauty, philospohy, books, wine, music, beaches, girls, fish, cocktails, gezelligheid, cheese, mango's, long legs, l
Fav ref
Fav team Haarlem
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Marseille - Leipzig SCBjorn Kuipers0.0

this is about me

Together with Jack and later on Dave, we've started this site.

It all started back in 2005 when we were watching a semi final match between PSV and Milan. PSV was better, but on crucial moments the referee decided in favour of Milan.
We were both starting to work in the ICT-league and were thinking about a nice niche inside the www-world and after loosing the semi-final (whatever) we decided to do something with referees (why not).
A totaly wrong decision and a very stupid idea indeed, there is a lot of money and interest around sport heroes especially football players, but there is not much credit for those who make them play a game. We can argue there is something wrong about the evolution of mankind, only interested in short results and fame...
We've should have stopped this project earlier, but when Dave decided to join, he started to add so much data into the database, it was not logical to quit. Consequently the database was expending, more and more collabarators joined the site (Sheriff, Maia, CroRef and many others), and the whole site seemed to take off.
The site became work. More and more people started to ask us questions.
We slowly started to loose interest: we've received hate mails from Polish nazi's, became a centerpoint of a Greek-Macedanion nationalist conflict (dear people look furtherv than your earlier frontiers), Iraneze intelligence and a lot of other dishonest people always ready to say you are wrong, but never show quality to say you do something well. Despite some journalists from BBC, Der Spiegel, New York Times, El Pais, etc, citing us.
Allthough we never made more money out of the website then giving away a round of beers to passersbyes in a lonely bar (that's us), we were dumbfolded when we were attacked by a shark. At that time we had spend more than 10.000 hours of work at the website and the shark demanded money for a small stamp photograph of a referee that never really made it, taken by a photohgrapher that never really made it, added to the site by simeone we were never able to trace, but a prey for shark Jacques Happe, the selfsucking leecher behind something called Highlow Communications.
I like to warn everybody out there about this man. He does not create anything and he has no interest in sportivity or fairness: he seems to be searching preys for egoistic joy and easy money.
It was impossible to make a deal with this shark. It was impossible to find out who sent us this picture (maybe himself?).
Anyway we had to pay almost two thousands euros on Highlow, including lawyers incapable of showing any teeth themselves without demanding more money too (which was more than all the beers we'd spent on passerbyes). If you feel sorry about this story, do not, all these people sleep very well at night. Sad for us though, it left us without much appetite to continue to work on the Worldreferee website.
That year we did not go on holliday (thank you Mr. Highbrow you'll always be remembered by our youngsters), but left the website float, not knowing what to do, we deleted all referee pictures of the site ans stared out of the window (well.., some of us read a book in between).
Dave decided to quit. When he was watching the sixth Renaldo vs Messi encounter of that year he found out he had seen enough. He had put too much energy into it all together anyway and thought of creating something himself again (this great book you may see soon in the window of your not yet disappeared bookseller; but yes it will be an ebook too).
Somewehere in 2013 Jack decided trying to revive the website.Me being a descedent of whale hunters and shark tooth collecters supports this revival.

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