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Intl. since
Porto Alegre
Portuguese, English
Physical education teacher, personal trainer
Video games. Drinking mate (tea) and eating churrasco.
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Gaciba started his career in 1998 in the local league of his birthplace Pelotas. He officiated the final of that rather obscure 'Colonial de Pelotas' league when he was just 18 years old.
His international career didn't go that well: he got his FIFA badge in 2005 but lost it again for failing the fitness test at the start of 2010. Our Brazilian correspondent assured us Gaciba would be back, but in September 2010 Gaciba yet again failed the test, his last chance so it seems.

In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 he was elected Best Brazilian Referee by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF). Gaciba's international matches include a number of games in the Copa Libertadores 2006 and 2007. He also appeared in the 2007 South American Youth Championship. His dream is to be part of a World Cup sometime soon.

In an article by Tim Vickery for, Gaciba is quoted as saying that Brazilian players are used to fall to the ground after even the slightest of touches. Where players in other countries are wont to try to go for the ball and continue play when they are fouled upon, the Brazilians have a tendency to go down and claim the foul. That's because in Brazil their claim is usually rewarded. This is detrimental to their technique, according to Gaciba, barring the development of their 'wrong foot' and giving them a name for diving.

More about the Brazilian style of playing and the dangers of dribbling too much can be found in this article that also features a funny decision by Gaciba. After some 'cheeky stepovers' by Coritiba striker Jaba, Gaciba conceded a free kick in favor of the opposing team Santos to protect Jaba against reprisals!

From our reporter: Jack Alzapua