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Massimo de Santis' life has taken a sharp turn for the worse. Having built a reputation good enough to be shortlisted for the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany, he managed to throw it all away by getting himself mixed up in a match-fixing scandal of huge proportions. It appears (simply put, not everyone agrees on this) the operation was led by Juventus' general manager Luciano Moggi and involved many other well known people in the world of Italian soccer. Over the last few years many people had questioned some of de Santis' rulings in matches involving Juventus. This even earned him the nickname "Juve's butler". The list of dubious and erroneous decisions in favour of Juventus is long.

A few examples
In a Parma - Juventus match in 2000, he disallowed a goal by Parma's Fabio Cannavaro which would have leveled the score. De Santis claimed he saw pushing in the penalty area but footage of the match showed nothing of the sort. In another match - Chievo vs Juventus, in 2002 - he gave away two penalties to Juve. Both those calls were highly questionable and in fact cost him a suspension.

prison guard
De Santis used to be a prison guard and had many friends with the police. If you think this has nothing to do with football remember that calciopoli, the match fixing scandal, included not only influential people from football and football agents, but also from politics, business and television (Moggi even decided which bits were safe to repeat in slow-motion on tv shows).

From our reporter: Archie Rogers