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The debts and his not telling the football authorities about his businesses are not the only reasons for his suspension. There are allegations of drug taking, domestic violence and gambling. Clattenburg denies the rumours strongly and when his car (a Porsche boxter) was vandalized police started investigating a possible hate campaign, starting off with a letter to the PMGO (which employs the English professional referees)

As the list of businesses he owns or is a partner in, is long, the facts are complicated, Clattenburg seems to spend quite some time in court, discussing who owes what to whom.

Mark Clattenburg is of part-Canadian ancestry. He is the grandson of a Canadian ice hockey 'netminder' who crossed the Atlantic to play for Durham Wasps.

Mark Clattenburg's ex-wife Helen wouldn't attend games because of the vile tirades of the crowd.

Clattenburg earns anything up to £75,000 a year as full-time referee in the Premiership.

In a premier league 2005 match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, Clattenburg missed a correct goal. A shot by Mendes went over half a metre past the goal line, before United goalie Caroll stopped the ball, consequently the Spurs were denied a clear victory.

source: Verdachte voorzetten by Jurriaan van Wessem

From our reporter: Karl Muller