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Member of the Elite Category, Manuel Enrique Mejuto González is one of Europe's most experienced referees. He was born in la Felguera in the region of Asturias in Northern Spain. Being the successful international referee that he is, Manuel travels a lot. And always in the company of his match whistle, the one with a little virgin of Covadonga pending from it. Manuel's friends call him Quique.

Mejuto González refereed his first match - a friendly little thing he was invited to by one of his teachers - when he was just 13 years old. He first showed his face in the Spanish premier league on 16 September 1995. By now he's seen by many to be the very best referee in Spain.

His first international match was on 10 February 1999 when he took care of an Italy v. Norway friendly.
His major feat must be the Champions league final in 2005 between Milan and Liverpool. He missed the 2006 World Cup, because one of his assistants failed the test; something González is still sore about. Especially since he himself passed the test with flying colours.
He took charge of 2 matches for Euro 2002 and two for Euro 2008, his 2nd European Championships, where he made a good impression on WorldReferee contributors. See his impressive palmares He wasn't sent home after the group stage (as were Webb, Ovrebo and Vink) but he didn't get another match (also because Spain reached the finals).

WC 2010
As one of Europe's best referees it must have come to nobody's surprise to see Mejuto Gozalez name on the 54 member shortlist of candidates for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. But then, he wasn't on the next list of 38 that appeared in October 2008. This could all be his own choice: see his disappointment in the film "Les Arbitres" as he gets into the van that takes him to the airport after having officiated only two group stage matches in the Euro 2008. He's not going to do this any more, he says.
Mejuto retired August 2010.

From our reporter: Archie Rogers