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Mario van der Ende started as a referee in 1977 in the district of the Hague. Two years later he was promoted to KNVB-referee (Dutch FA) reaching the national C-list in 1984. In 1987 he became an A-list referee and three years later he got his FIFA badge. He retired from FIFA in 2001.

World Cup record
The Dutchman with the white streak in his hair took charge of 5 matches in two World Cup finals; 3 in 1994 and two in 1998, a Duct record. One match in the 1996 European Championships, two Super Cup matches and many in the Champions League.
One historically important match was a Asian World Cup qualifier Iran-Iraq.

In 1999 Van der Ende was diagnosed with cancer. He had to stop refereeing, but a year later already he was cured and he managed a come-back. A come back though in the Intertoto and such, not just a step down from the World Cup but a whole flight of stairs down to the basement. After suffering an injury in 2002, he retired.
Van der Ende worked for the KNVB for a while but quit in 2007. He was a referee observer for FIFA and worked in Australia developing referees.

(many thanks to our correspondent Eric)

From our reporter: James Ng