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Carlos Torres Nunez (Paraguay)


Torres started refereeing for Paraguay's top federation APF in 1990 and received his FIFA badge in 1998. His father Juan and his brother Luis were also referees. He officiated matches in all South-American cups and in the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. His heroes are Horacio Elizondo ('the only one in history to officiate both the opening match and the final in a World Cup'), Juan Francisco Escobar ('A big personality on the field') and of course his father, Juan Anselmo Torres, a man he's always tried to emulate. He lives with his parents in the Sajonia area of Asuncion.

30 years behind
Football came to Paraguay rather late. In a recent interview with the 'La Nacion' newspaper Torres points to this fact, saying Paraguay is about 30 years behind Europe. The game was first introduced by a Dutchman called Willem Paats and was a sport for the elite, played by students (children of the affluent) and noblemen living in towns along the railway line. As time went by football was also discovered by the more popular classes and is currently played by thousands of Paraguayans, with 47 teams registered to the APF (the Paraguayan Football Association) and some 200 teams registered to the UFI (Football Union of the Interior). APF's professional league consists of 12 teams, all based in the greater Asuncion area.

Carlos Manuel Torres Nunez was on the 54 member shortlist of candidates for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. But that was all.

Torres is a CONMEBOL Elite category referee.

Retirement in 2012, after injury
Carlos Torres , who was still recovering after undergoing surgery on the meniscus over a year ago, announced in September 2012 that the treatment takes longer than expected and, after reflecting with his family, decided to retire from active refereeing. Torres said that, however, he will not quit refereeing completely, but will join the Referees Department of the Paraguayan Football Association and will help with the recruiting and training of new referees.

From our reporter: Jack Alzapua