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Bap or Bat?


Batista is the name you'll find on the official FIFA site and thus on every other foreign site that is not Portuguese. Most Portuguese sites however (and the connoisseur of Portuguese refereeing, Alberto Helder) write his name with a p: Baptista.
Lucílio Cardoso Cortês Baptista was a UEFA premier category referee and retired at the start of season 2010-2011.

Normally an international refereeing career starts with under 17s, friendlies, then a few years of qualifiers and UEFA cup matches between lesser football nations. If a ref is really good, he gets to make the final leap to the top: the Champions League and even on to the continental and World Cup tournaments. Premier list referee Lucilio Cardoso Cortez Batista did the lot and got as far as two matches in the European Cup in 2004 in his own country. Then something must have gone wrong.

One of his Champions League matches was in 2005 when Arsenal beat Thun 0-1 with a penalty in the 88th minute. Two Thun goals where ruled out for off-side, one Thun player got sent off with a direct red card and Batista showed 6 more yellow cards. Was that his worst match? Or was it the Euro 2008 qualifier between Cyprus and Ireland (5-2 !) where the Portuguese showed 7 yellow cards. Whatever happened, Baptista was demoted and went back to officiating UEFA cup matches for a while. In 2007 he again took charge of one Champions league group stage match.

Batista was active in European U-16 Championship (Austria 1996), U-17 World Championship (Trinidad and Tobago 2001), Confederations Cup (France 2003) and EURO 2004 (Portugal). His proudest moment must have been the final of the U-17 World Championship 2001.

From our reporter: Dave Eisenhower