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Tony Asumaa has been active in the UEFA cup since 2005 and is a UEFA category 1 referee.

See his palmares for a list of his international matches.

The information below is basically a rewrite of an article we found in the archives of the Football Association of Finland's website. The article was put together by Anne Pötry back in 2003 when Asumaa was attending a FIFA refereeing course in Corfu.

Tony Asumaa attended his first referee's course in 1985 at the age of 15. Still he started out as a goal keeper. From 1988 to 1993 he played for the Finish Premier League team Kakkonen. When he stopped (we're trying to find out why exactly) and didn't want to lose touch with the game it seemed logical to him to continue as a referee.

Anne Pötry managed to get these quotes from Tony: The next game is the most important one. It takes just one game to finish your career. It's good to keep that in mind whether it be a national or an international match. If you think that way you'll have the right attitude on the pitch. A referee is a part of the game, not the main star. He should not take on too large a role, but he should make sure the players are safe and the rules are complied with. It's usually not the ref the crowd came to see but the players.

In weak moments it is good to remind oneself of the fact that this is volunteer work. A good referee is not too aggressive, but appropriately lenient. It is important to be able to sense what's right for a particular match.

From our reporter: Wolfgang Sittmayer