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Sorin Corpodean did mostly qualifiers and a few group stage matches for the UEFA Cup. He was listed as a second class referee category but demoted to the third class and then in 2009 he got arrested.

We don't know whether the Romanian referees are mostly incapable and corrupt or the Romanian teams are all full of big-mouthed paranoids, but in Romania there seems to be a lot of criticism targeted at the national referees and at Sorin Corpodean in particular.
In march 2001 Dinamo Bucharest claimed Sorin had cost them the national title by awarding a penalty to their opponents Rapid Bucharest in the final minutes of the deciding match. They asked for him to be banned from officiating their matches for the next five years. Eventually the Romanian Referees' Association decided Corpodean had indeed acted very sloppily and banned him for the next four matches.

On the other hand in November 2001 Rapid Bucharest players left the field in frustration one minute before the actual end of their match against Brasov. This because Corpodean did not award what was to them a clear penalty. Maybe this is where Sorin tried to make up for his earlier mistakes?

And after all that we found this on the internet: "Sorin Corpodean a fost desemnat cel mai bun arbitru in 2006." We are quite sure this means Corpodean was elected best referee of 2006.

In april 2009 Sorin Corpodean was arrested, together with FIFA assistant referee Marcel Savaniu, ex-FIFA referee Marcel Lica and the vice-president of the Romanian referee commission. A week before Gheorghe Constantin, the chairman of the Romanian Referees Committee, was put into custody already. They are all arrested on suspicion of taking money from Cornel Penescu, the president of FC Arges. Penescu himself was also put in jail.
source: Nicu Badescu

Corpodean was removed from the FIFA List in June 2009 and is awaiting his trial, as a consequence of his involvement in the match fixing scandal. Because he was already 44, he decided to quit the refereeing all together.
Source: danp

This is Marcel Savaniu, assistant referee escorted by the same policeman
(picture: ProSport)

From our reporter: Axel Kurz