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I have to be honest, Howard


March 2012 Webb had to call off the FA Cup match Tottenham - Bolton Wanderers when Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack on the field. The Bolton player collapsed and had to be resuscitated by medics on the pitch and was then rushed to hospital.

Webb told English news papers that the World Cup final was two hours of hell for him. The Dutch press hated him and even the Spaniards were not very favorable, but for one time the English were all for their referee. You can't always blame the ref they seemed to be saying, the Dutch team played too hard.
Especially the kick in the chest by De jong on Xabi Alonso was mentioned. Nigel de Jong came off with a booking and Alonso was still in pain a few days later

Howard Webb has an important part in the documentary "Les Arbitres". You don't only see him having his doubts about the first goal in the Euro 2008 match Austria - Poland, but you also see Webb's father in the stands getting a text from home saying it was off-side.
UEFA representatives tell him he made a mistake, it was off-side, a mistake by the way, by one of Webb's assistants. The penalty, though, was a right one, everyone in the film agrees.
Later on Webb and his assistants, while having a beer, get a little speech by Jaap Uilenberg, the referee chief: "I have to be honest, Howard, but..."

After the 2008 group stage match Austria - Poland, the Polish prime-minister Donald Tusk said he wanted to kill Webb.

In an interview with the Independent, Howard Webb said he'd like to see the reintroduction of the 10-yard rule. If a defensive wall hadn't retreated sufficiently the referee has the option of moving it back. According to Webb it is useful in managing those situations and used to work well. The only problem is that to move it back someone has to be booked, which seems to hinder it being used to its full extent. FIFA abandoned it after a couple of seasons, claiming that non-rugby playing nations would have difficulty understanding it. Webb doesn't see the problem.

Howard Webb thinks some help, either with video replays or some form of chip in the ball, would certainly improve the game.

Webb's first five matches in the Premier League did not produce a single goal.

In an interview with the BBC Howard tells "being a good referee all comes down to the way you manage people and how you communicate with them".

Graeme Souness received a one-game touchline ban and £10,000 fine for a tirade at Webb in November 2004. He said the referee failed to spot a foul in the build-up to one of Fulham's goals in their 4-1 win at Newcastle and did not award what Souness called a "blatant penalty" when Alan Shearer fell in the Fulham penalty area.

Even though most English Premier League referees are professionals who get paid for their job, Howard Webb seems to have kept his day job as a police man, but took a 5 year sabbatical.

Part of the movie documentary Les Arbitres was put on Youtube

Webb was awarded an MBE in 2010. making him a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, a prestigious title given by the British regent.

He refereed the 2010 World Cup Final, giving out a record 19 Cautions, the most ever to date.

Howard Webb refereed more Manchester United game than any other club in the English Premier League.

In 2011 Liverpool player Ryan Babael got into trouble with the FA for tweeting this "picture" of Webb. This was after a match Man U - Liverpool, won by the former with a penalty. The fine for Babel was 10.000 pounds (a half a day's wages)

From our reporter: James Ng