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Wolfgang Stark


Bank employee Wolgang Stark from Bavaria already knew he wanted to become a referee when he was 14. In 1994 he reached the highest level in Germany, and in 1999 he got his FIFA license, at almost 30.
He is a UEFA Elite Category referee.

Champions League
Stark is active in the Champions League since 2001. In season 2008-2009 Stark took charge of the Champions League semi-final Barcelona - Chelsea. Two years later it was again a semi with Barcelona, this time against Real, which - of course - gave Real coach Mourinho some ammunition against Stark (he was a supposed Messi-fan, well who isn't?)

World Cup U-20 2007
Selected to officiate at the World Cup U-20 2007 in Canada, Stark made a bit of a mess of it (according to our reporter). His control of the Chile - Argentina Semi-Final match was devastating and resulted in a diplomatic row between Chile and Canada.

more intl matches
Wolfgang Stark has been taking charge of Champions league group stage matches since 2001 but did not seem to get further than that. Almost-top elite for a long time, always one step behind fellow country men like Merk and Fandel. But in 2009 with Merk retired and Fandel injured he finally got his chance and was assigned a semi-final. See his palmares for this century.

but most important
Wolfgang Stark took charge of three matches in the 2010 World Cup and he was one of the most experienced referees selected for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.

Euro 2012
Still going strong in 2012, when he got selected for the European Championships over his fellow country man upcoming ref Felix Brych.

Stark is on the long list for the World Cup in 2014, the year he turns 45.

From our reporter: Wolfgang Sittmayer