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Tom Henning Øvrebø


FIFA badge holder from 1994until May 2010, Norwegian UEFA Elite Category referee Tom Henning Øvrebø took charge of 25 Champions League matches. At first he practiced as an assistant referee to Terje Hauge (who climbed to the top a bit faster).

all international matches
see his palmares and notice that 2008 was his most successful year.

Øvrebø refereed the Norwegian cup final in 1999 between Rosenborg and Brann and the Norwegian cup final in 2006 between Fredrikstad and Sandefjord. (Internationally there was never an important final.)

EURO 2008
Øvrebø was selected for EURO 2008, the first time he was chosen over his fellow country man Hauge. He took charge of 2 matches in the group stage and in both matches his assistants seem to have made some grave mistakes. Øvrebø had the quality to admit he had made a mistake during the match between Italy and Romania: he was not assigned any more matches to referee at Euro 2008.

Until February 2010 Øvrebø was on the provisional list of referees for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, but his name did not appear on the final one.
You could say that the CL semi-final Chelsea-Barcelona was both the high light and the lowest point of his career. Ovrebo himself never thought he did anything wrong, but Chelsea fans were out for his blood and Didier Drogba almost physically attacked the Norwegian after the match. That he had to be smuggled out of England and needed police protection at home in Norway has always been denied. Fact is the British press went after him.
Back at the top in 2010 Ovrebo allowed an off side goal (the mother of all off-side goals) in a Champions League round of 16 match. Realizing perhaps he would never get assigned a really important match anymore, he decided to quit from international football May 2010. Tom Henning Ovrebo will continue to officiate in Norway.

It was his last year as referee.

From our reporter: Ray Miller-Short