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Family Life, Cycling, Running, Coaching two youth teams, walking in the mountains, enjoying the countryside
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Norwegian Terje Hauge held a FIFA license since 1993. His international career really started in the 2002 World Cup in Japan/ Korea. He was a UEFA elite category ref until he retired at 45 at the end of 2010.

Four matches in the European Cup 2004, the Super Cup in 2004 and the 2006 Champions League Final were among the more than 90 matches he officiated internationally.
Apparently after the CL final, Hauge was not asked for a while to officiate at the highest level, but in 2007 he was back, taking charge of qualifiers for Euro 2008.

The ist is long, see his palmares.
Terje Hauge took charge of the following finals:
- World Cup U17 1997 in Egypt
- UEFA Super Cup in 2004
- World Cup 05 U2005 in the Netherlands
- UEFA Champions League in 2006

Death threats
Two matches, both in 2006, must be among the ones he would least want to be remembered of. One a Champions League match between Chelsea and Barcelona when death threats appeared on the internet after he sent off Asier del Horno (this has happened before with Chelsea and it made the referee Andres Frisk, decide to stop refereeing).
The second match was the 2006 Champions League final between Barcelona and Arsenal. Hauge sent off Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann, ordered a penalty and canceled a goal all at the same time.

From our reporter: Matthew Crowbar