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Intl. since
Monte Carrasso
Italian, English, French, German, Spanish
Managing director, Proprietor
Skiing, Tennis, Traveling to far away places.
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Massimo Busacca won WorldReferee's silver whistle in 2009 and again in 2010.

While most of his international referee colleagues earned a (good) living as a referee, the Busacca still had a day job as a part time manager of the Ticino civil service canteens. In total he managed three establishments, one is located in his hometown Monte Carrasso.

In September 2009 Busacca raised the finger at abusive fans during a match FC Baden - Young Boys. First he denied it, later he apologized. Busacca got a three match ban (and Kudos from WorldReferee).

A devout catholic, Busacca believes God helps him to stand on the right spot and make the right decisions. Before he enters the field and also when leaving the field he crosses himself.

Massimo Busacca won all sprints among referees during tests in 2006. He once ran the 800 metres in 2.02 minutes and runs at least an hour every day to keep fit.

Because of Uzbeki protests against a decision by referee Yoshida in the original WC 2006 qualifier between Uzbekistan and Bahrain, the match was played again. This time Busacca, his 2 Swiss assistants and Claudio Circhetta travelled to Taskent to take charge. Graham Poll got to referee the return match 4 days later.
Yoshida had disallowed a Uzbeki penalty and awarded a free kick to Bahrain instead.

He was elected Swiss non-smoker of the year 2006.

When blogger and football musuem director Vuzinho took a walk through Busacca's village Monte Carrasso he spotted this flyer outside the door of the church. It announces a speech by Massimo Busacca in a church in Lugano. According to a local newspaper 400 young people showed up.

Part of the movie documentary Les Arbitres was put on Youtube

Like Rosetti, Busacca is wearing a cross on his whistle. It just shows how religious Massimo is.

From our reporter: Archie Rogers