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Intl. since
Monte Carrasso
Italian, English, French, German, Spanish
Managing director, Proprietor
Skiing, Tennis, Traveling to far away places.
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Born in the town of Belinzona in 1969 Massimo Busacca, who used to play football in a lower division in Ticino, started his career as a referee in 1990 and made it to the first division in 1996 . He got his FIFA badge in 1999 and was an Elite Category referee until June 2011 when he decided to retire after having seen it all and having been offered a good job.

Instead of summing it all up: look at his palmeres.
There was the CL final for instance.

World Cups
Busacca officiated three matches in the first round of the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany.
The 2010 World Cup was going to his tournament, we expected a quarter or a semi-final. But that didn't happen, Busacca took charge of the group stage match South Africa - Uruguay in which he sent off a South African player and awarded a penalty to Uruguay. By doing so he angered the hosts who must have complained to FIFA (Blatter). Busacca was sent home.

euro 2008
Well, it was held in his own country, so he was to play an important part in it. Unless the Swiss team got far, of course. The Swiss didn't and Busacca got to take charge of 3 matches, 2 in the group stage, and one semi-final. All to somewhat mixed reviews by contributors.

Unless you are a player, the film "Les Arbitres" is the only way to have a close look at Busacca as a referee. In the film you can see him calling players (by name) to behave themselves, he tells his 4th man, Ivan Bebek, to shut up and he calls someone "Cazzo". All in all you see a passionate man, if a bit chaotic, who becomes even more sympathetic when you see his face after he hears he isn't going to get the final.
"I'm not God", he says in a match a few times, "I make mistakes".

all international matches this century
Click here and see his statistics. It could be Busacca's religious nature, a sense of forgiveness, but in only 1 out of 9 matches Busacca sends off a player; internationally, that's a low mark.

ref of the year (2nd)
Busacca was IFHSS world referee of the year 2009, but most of the IFHSS only watch European matches, at WorldReferee he ended second.

the end
So you got the Champions League final, you were active on two World Cups and a European Cup and you were a pawn in football politics, what else can you strive for?
Busacca could have gone to the 2014 World Cup, having reached 45 by then, but the chance was small. Should he go back to reffing Flora Tallinn against Sheriff Tiraspol?
Massimo retired when he heard he could become head of the FIFA referee committee.

From our reporter: Ray Miller-Short