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This referee, full name Jorge Luis Larrionda Pietrafiesa, was born 9 March 1968. Jorge was a football player himself, as striker he made it into the sixth division. As referee he made his debut in the first division in 1993 and was an international referee since 1998. He was seen by many as the very best referee in South America.
Larrionda retired at the end of 2011.

World Cup 2006
Larrionda officiated 4 matches in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. His second match there was the controversial Italy - USA where he showed 3 red cards (two of them straight). His last match in Germany was the semi-final between Portugal and France. All his performances were of a remarkably high level.

World Cup 2010
If not both finalists are from South America, and if one of the semi-finalists is not Uruguay, many people were certain Larrionda made a chance for the final. But Larrionada never even made it to the quarter-finals. The, perhaps, best referee at that moment was sent home after he and his assistants failed to see the ball going over the goal line in the round of 16 match England - Germany.

International Finals
Jorge officiated one leg of the Copa Libertadores final in 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007. He was also the referee in the 2004 Intercontinental, where the European champion, FC Porto, defeated South American champion Once Caldas in Tokyo. He refereed the Recopa Sudamericana in 2004, as well as three Copas Sudamericanas.

Not every one is a fan of Jorge Larrionda. One reason could be the staggering amount of red cards he shows in matches. One of the highest percentages to be found in our database. Larrionda must be a really grumpy guy. Especially in 2007 he must have been in a bad mood when he kicked off players in all six Copa Libertadores matches he officiated. And then there was the semi-finals of the Copa Sudamericana 2003 where he showed six red cards, three for each team.
The Uruguayan is not someone who "feels the match and is lenient when he knows he can" as many of our reporters phrase it. A bad foul is a red with Larrionda.

From our reporter: Matthew Crowbar