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UEFA Category 1 referee Andre Marriner was 37 when he gained his FIFA badge in 2009. He has been a select group referee in England since 2005 and his first game was Wigan v Fulham. Since then he has gone on to control some of the biggest premier league games such as Liverpool v United.

Introduction to refereeing
In 1992, Andre went to a grass roots match as a neutral spectator. When the referee didn't turn up, he was asked to referee it. At the end they paid him £10 for his services. He loved it and passed his course in April 1992.

Amdre gives praise to Collina and Barry Knight. He says Collina controlled all the top matches during his career and Knight always managed to referee the top football league games with little fuss and controversy.
His selection for the FIFA list at the age of 37 could be seen as either a lack of good young referees in England or a show of respect by the FA.

U19s Championships
In may 2009, Andre was called to France to officiate in the U19 UEFA championships. He took assistant Dave Richardson, and will officiate in Group 5.

Play Off semi finals
Recently, Andre was rewarded by being appointed to the play off semi final. He took control of Preston v Sheffield United 2nd leg.

...has been a big year for Andre. He took control of 2 of the biggest matches in England with Manchester United v Liverpool and Arsenal v United. He handled both well, with minimum fuss. Probably the rest referee in the premier league for the first half of 2009/2010 season.

From our reporter: jack