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Born and bred in Syracuse, Sicily, Concetto LoBello is considered one of the best Italian referees ever. According to the people who remember him, he was authoritarian, brave, narcissistic, tall, well dressed sporting a manicured mustache and - important for a referee - fair.

brave and fair
Lo Bello was known to be a modern referee who protected forwards. Because of his fairness he was not very well liked by the big clubs and big club owners like Agnelli (Juventus, Fiat) who tried to exclude him from their games.
Lo Bello caused Milan manager Nereo Rocco to say "He does not referee matches but uses them as a stage to show off". The great midfielder Gianni Rivera once got a four match ban for insulting Lo Bello ("I don't trust your word of honour")

A referee from 1944, Concetto LoBello holds a record of 328 Serie A matches between 1954 and 1974. With him as referee Cagliary won their only Italian Championship.
Among the more than 90 matches he took charge of as an international referee were the finals of the:
1960 Olympic Games
1966 Club World Cup (Real - Penarol)
1968 European Cup (Man U - Benfica 4-1)
1970 European Cup (Feyenoord - Celtic 2-1)
1967 Cup Winners Cup (Bayern - Rangers 1-0)
1966 UEFA Cup (Zaragoza - Barcelona 2-4)
1974 UEFA Cup (Feyenoord - Tottenham 2 - 0) (he was already 50 when he lead this match)

Lobello was a member of parliament for the (now defunct) Christian Democrats and he was mayor of his native Syracuse, albeit for only 5 months.
LoBello was not only active in football and politics, he ws also a hand-ball enthusiast, having held the title of president of the Italian Hand-ball federation for 15 years until his death in 1991.

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