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Dutch referee Charles Corver was active at two World Cup finals. One match in 1978, two in 1982, the last match was the semi-final West-Germany vs France. He was voted Referee of the Century by a Dutch magazine (but so was Van der Ende). He was FIFA ref between 1972 and 1983.

Germany vs France, 1982
When Germany's goalie Schumacher went for Patrick Battiston, Corver waved it off and awarded Germany the free kick. Battiston had to leave the field with two broken teeth and injuries to his spine. The Germans went on to loose the final against Italy.

that one mistake
The match was discussed on a site called (history of sport) and two reactions are (presumably, but you never know) by famous referee Dick Jol and Charles Corver himself.
Dick Jol wrote: Corver had taken charge of more than 800 matches. One mistake and all the great things are forgotten.
Corver wrote: Looking back at the footage you can see I was standing in line with both players. I watched the ball. Then I went to my Scottish assistant (Robert Valentine, J NG) and he told me nothing had happened. Now I can see that it is a nasty foul and I don't understand why Schumacher was voted sportsman of the year in Germany".

From our reporter: James Ng