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World Cup 1990: millions of people witnessed Frank Rijkaard spitting Rudi Voller in the face. When Rijkaard got booked after a Voller dive, he knew he was suspended for the next match. Rijkaard went after Voller, spat at him and spat again. The world was disgusted, the Dutch were shocked because Rijkaard was sent off. Voller was sent off as well which didn't make sense, probably referee Loustau thought Voller must have provoked the otherwise very easy going Dutchman.
The media speculated about the reason for the spitting, some said Voller made a racist remark, but Rijkaard denied that.

In the 1990 World Cup qualifier Brazil vs Chile, Chilean goal keeper Roberto Rojas used a razerblade, which he had hidden in his glove (!), to wound himself. He probably knew there was going to be fire works and rioting on the stand and when a cracker exploded near him, Rojas fell. His bleeding face, the fire works and the rioting were a reason for the ref to abandon the match. When it came out what Rojas had done he was banned for life and Chile was kicked out of the competition.
The woman who threw the fire cracker had her brief moment of fame and got her picture in the Brazilian Playboy.

But this could very well be a football myth: other sources have Rojas fall (dive), pretend he was hurt, and the blood coming from the medic who pored merchurochrome (dark red anti-septic) over him.

This is drug lord Pablo Escobar showing his Libertadores Cup, when one of his teams finally manged to win it, which was quite a feat, never repeated. The referee of the final was Loustau.

From our reporter: EPV