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Roelof Luinge's refereeing career started by accident when he was asked to substitute for a ref in a youth match. He did well, and a representative of the Football federation advised him to take a course. His first professional match was NAC - VVV in 1983 and in February 2009 he officiated his 700th match. Luinge was in international ref between 1992 and 2000.

In the Netherlands referees can officiate in the centre until they are 55, as long as they are fit and good enough of course. Luinge announced his retirement at the end of season 2008-2009, but since he will be only 53 at that time and since many people think he is one of the best, he was asked to stay on, not only by people close to him, but also through a fan site
And he did, he announced to go on for another year.

thanks to: Steven de Jel

But in April 2010 came the news Luinge had to stop. The KNVB (Dutch FA) announced it wouldn't offer Luinge another contract for a year. Luinge was then up to his 846th match (541 in the highest league, I know these figures are a bit bewildering, but they are all from Dutch newspapers and who knows what counts as a match over there).
Luinge wasn't happy with the decision but told Dutch radio he wasn't going to do anything about it, Dutch arbiters (like Uilenberg, the now referee boss) are known to have gone to court.
As a kind of go away-present Luinge was assigned to the 2nd leg of the Dutch Cup final, which happens to be the Superclasico Feyenoord-Ajax.
Luinge got an honorary substitution: Kevin Blom replaced him at the end of the match.

From our reporter: EPV