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Born in 1966, Benito Armando Archundia Tellez became an international referee in 1993 and retired at the end of 2010.

world Cups
His dreams must have come true when he ended up among the last 12 referees of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. Not all of the 12 referees officiated another match, but among the five matches left he was awarded the semi-final between Germany and Italy. He did very well, WorldReferee reporters ranked him second just after De Bleeckere.
In 2010 he was there again, his last one due to age restrictions, taking charge of three matches, one the match for the third place, making this a total of 8 World Cup matches which is a record (that will certainly be broken in 2014).

Club World Cup
Archundia lead the final of the Club World Cup 2005 between Sao Paulo and Liverpool in Yokohama, Japan. And again in 2009 between Estudiantes and Barcelona.

Benito's list is adding up. He has been active in all major tournaments inside the America's (North, South, Central and the Caribbean). FIFA must like him, because next to his selections in the Club World Cup, he has been active at two Olympic Games (1996, 2004) and the Confederations Cup (2001, 2009).

Hector Vergara
In most of his international matches Archundia was assisted by Cadadian Hector Vergara, who has done a record of 14 World Cup matches as an assistant referee.

From our reporter: Ray Miller-Short