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down the drain


Five matches in two World Cups, respect as a world famous referee, apossible contender for the the final in 1994 and Kurt Röthlisberger lost it all by not awarding a penalty to Belgium (for which he was sent home) but most of all by trying to make some money later on in life

shady character
Famous, one of the best, referee of not only World Cup matches but also of a European Cup final and Rotlisberger threw it all down the drain by walking into Grasshopper Coach Vogel's office offering to take care of the referee designated to officiate the Champions League match Grasshopper - Auxerre.
Röthlisberger told Vogel that the referee for the match - Belorussian Vadim Zhuk, a good friend - was willing to whistle infavor of Grasshopper for 100.000 Swiss francs. Vogel declined and notified UEFA. UEFA banned Rothlisberger for life.
During the trial, more teams were named that had been called by Rothlisberger. One of them was Bayern Munich.

Red Noses
The Red Noses (Nez Rouges) is a foundation set up to help children in hospitals. Co-founder Röthlisberger used the names of members to purchase tickets for the 2008 European Championships, which he sold to third parties.

Röthlisberger was an important referee in his time, he refereed the Champions League final in 1993 between Marseille and Milan. Kurt Röthlisberger took charge of two matches at WC 1990 in Italy and three at WC 1994 in USA. He was also active at EURO 1992 in Sweden and he did 5 matches in the German Bundesliga.

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