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Son of another Lamolina, also referee, Francisco Oscar (nicknamed "Pancho") was born on October 25th 1950 and became a referee in his early 20s. He´s been one of the most respected referees in Argentina. FIFA ref from 1985 until the end of 1995.

Siga Siga
Lamolina started refereeing in the 1st division in the 1980s. He took charge of important matches in the Argentinian league and also in South-American tournaments. During the 90s, when Javier Castrilli appeared with his severe style, Lamolina led another group of referees that opposed him with another style, much more flexible. Lamolina liked to let the game flow and not to show many cards (and often, not to concede penalties), but this style was sometimes a bit risky as many hard actions used to be left without the appropiate answer by the referee. The style was called "the "Siga, Siga" School ("Siga" in Spanish means "Go on", the way the referee has to indicate that the actions should not stop).

WC 1994
Lamolina refereed in WC U-20 1991, Copa América 1987 and 1993, and in 1994 he was nominated to officiate in the World Cup in the United States. He took charge of two games, USA-Switzerland and Italy-Mexico, and he was also the 4th official in the final won by Brazil against the Italians.

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