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Sergei Khussainov retired internationally in 2000.

women police officers
In 1999 UEFA's disciplinary committee ruled Khusainov had 'displayed improper conduct' before the September 18 1999 UEFA Cup match between Hapoel Haifa and Club Bruges and suspended him until July the next year.
The Israeli escort for the Russians, accused Khusainov, linesmen Sergei Martynov and Pavel Ginsburg, and reserve official Feizudin Erzimanov of arriving drunk at Tel Aviv's airport on the eve of the match.
He alleged they had attempted to fondle women police officers and at one point broke into a song-and-dance routine.
Khusainov said he had been drinking but had been set up and could have done his job. The Russians were replaced by Romanian officials for the game. 'To be honest, myself and Martynov had quite a lot to drink,' Khusainov told Reuters at the time.
Later on he said this had been just a joke and he should have been more careful in his comments to the media.
'Yes, we allowed ourselves to drink and we could have drunk a lot, but we didn't,' he said. 'We simply had one drink just before the landing in Tel Aviv.'
(source: Gennady Fyodorov)

From our reporter: James Ng