Michael Kempter
Born: 1983-01-28
Intl. since: 2010-01-01
Country: Germany
Occupation: works in a bank

The youngest BundesLiga referee, one of the youngest FIFA referees, officiating since he was eleven, Michael Kempter's could be a promising career, but there have been a few snags, see did-you-know section. He was a UEFA category 3 ref.


In February or March 2010 already, Kempter was relegated to the 3rd League in Germany, which meant he didn't get any international assignments.
Then even no more 3rd League matches.

He was off the FIFA list at the end of 2010.


Kempter also had some issues with the German taxman. He admitted to owing an amount of 24.000 euro.

Did you know

  • There seems to be an e-mail in which Kempter writes he hopes Bayern will lose to Milan.
  • But. The man who received the e-mail and who told the press about it, former German FA referee advisor Manfred Amerell, was earlier accused by Kempter to have been sexually harassing the young referee. Kempter told German "newspaper" Bild that Amerell tried to kiss him and had knocked on his hotel room door in the middle of the night. The German FA admitted that there had been more allegations by other (young) referees and Amerell was fired.
  • Of course this Amerell character sued Kempter for money. He came forward with text messages from Kempter.
  • Kempter and three other referees (whose names were not disclosed) went to court against Amerell. But Amerell won. Then Amerell went to court to get his back etc.
  • Kempter apologized to Bayern Munich and his apologies were accepted.
  • Another thing was the accusation that Kempter had changed the results of two referees to help them make the fitness test. This was in 2008.
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