Rule changes for 2019/2020 season

Next football season will see some of the biggest changes when it comes to rules of the game. There are nine rule changes adopted by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), and in this article we’ll go through all of them.

- Infiltration of defensive walls with three or more players will not be allowed anymore during free-kick. Attacking players must be at least one metre away from defensive wall, or else indirect free-kick will be blown.

- Goal kicks and free-kicks don’t have to leave the box to be considered ‘live’, but defensive players are not allowed to enter penalty area until the game restarts.

- Drop balls can go directly to goalkeeper if the game has stopped inside the box. Outside the box, the ball will be dropped at the place where it was when the game was paused. Players from both teams have to be at least four metres away.

- Any goal that occurred after hand usage will be denied, even if hand was used accidentally. Anytime the ball strikes the arm above the shoulder will be considered handball. Handball will also be called if players use their hands to “make themselves unnaturally bigger” by raising arms out.

- During penalty kick, goalkeeper will have to one foot on the line at the moment of the kick. Touching the post, bar or net before the kick is forbidden.

- Player who leaves the game has to leave the pitch at the nearest place, not on the middle of it.

- Coaches and managers will receive both yellow and red cards because of any level of misconduct.

- The side that wins the coin toss will get to choose between kick-off and starting side of the pitch.

- The match between Liverpool and Tottenham in Champions league finals will be the first European cup finals where up to 12 players will be allowed on the bench.