Spain - Italy - 2008-06-22 - Herbert Fandel

Euro 2008, 1/4 finals
Spain - Italy, 0 - 0

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 0-0
Yellow cards: 3-1
Red cards: 0-0
2008-06-22 by F. Amoco Cadiz
old fashioned

Ok so much for his style. He does control the match, he seems neutral and most of his calls were good. Because he hates dives and presumes these southern Europeans will use that trick as often as possible, he sometimes sees a real foul for a dive. When Grosso stepped on Silva's foot for instance. But his attitude is understandable. If only he wore a head set and listened to his assistants, but Fandel seems to consider his 2 colleagues as old fashioned linesmen.


After about ten minutes I started wondering: who is ever going to score in this match? With all these great Italian defenders (and Buffon) against three tiny Spanish forwards and with Italy attacking with only two guys every time.
Well, they never did.
And do they still not know that forwards who have not been playing well ALWAYS miss a penalty?