Germany (w) - England (w) - 2015-07-04 - Hyang-Ok Ri

WC Women 2015, 3rd place
Germany (w) - England (w), 0 - 1

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 0-0
Yellow cards: 0-3
Red cards: 0-0
2015-07-04 by adir
Horrendous assistance

The positive about the trio: they proved the two Koreas are able to cooperate, as miss Kyoung-Min Kim of South Korea joined forces with the ref. and miss Kum-Nyo Hong of North Korea. The negative: most of their joint decisions were wrong. I counted 10 times when a throw-in/goal-kick/corner-kick was awarded either to the team who played the ball out of touch or instead of a free-kick to the opposite team. Jill Scott (England) was the main victim, as in all cases she was involved in a tackle or tussle for the ball which went out of play, the team of referees adjudged she had been the last to touch it, though in truth the German she fought with had "the last touch" (13', 23', 45'+3', 90'+1'). Moreover, ar1 (Hong) was party to some horrible "blind eyes" when blatant fouls were committed a few yards from where she was positioned, and neither she nor the ref. penalised the culprit and her team (25', 28', 41', 51').

Poor refereeing

Miss Ri reacted to events as if she was a stranger to football. Nobody knew when she would call and what... Too many fouls were neglected on both sides, and three of these, watched by four eyes - Miss Ri and Miss Hong (ar1) - were obviously intentional, as the player committing the foul ignored the ball completely and went directly at the body of her opponent (Greenwood, 28'; White, 41'; Kemme, 51'). In all these cases no free-kick was awarded. There were infringements for which the whistle didn't go, and there were more than these three who weren't shown the yellow-card for heavy fouls or unsportsmanship (e.g. Popp from the moment she popped on the pitch in extra-time). The penalty-kick awarded to England (106') was contentious, though at first sight it looked a perfectly correct decision, as Kemme clumsily was all over Sanderson before they fell to the ground inside Germany's penalty-area. The Germans were furious, and the replay established their case - Sanderson, who was in front of Kemme, held the German's hand with one hand and grabbed her body with the other. I suppose most referees wouldn't have detected it, but no-one could ignore the heavy-handed retaliation by Kemme. Fara Williams converted the penalty (108') and the English were consoled for the dramatic defeat to Japan in the semi-finals. And the Germans - quite a brutal team in a fair-play tournament - "went out with nothing".