USA (w) - Germany (w) - 2015-06-30 - Teodora Albon

WC Women 2015, 1/2 final
USA (w) - Germany (w), 2 - 0

Fouls: 0-0
Penalties: 1-1
Yellow cards: 2-2
Red cards: 0-0
2015-06-30 by adir
An unlucky very god referee

Miss Albon is a very good referee, one of the greatest in the short history of women top referees. There was no surprise when she was nominated to handle the "real WWC Final". And generally she made a very good job of it. Till the end of normal half-time there was no blemish. The only arguable decision came in stoppage-time - four minutes were added after a heavy accidental head-to-head clash between Popp (Germany) and Brian (USA) in the 29th minute - when Popp chopped chopped Rapinoe's legs (45'+3'). A free-kick was awarded but the German got away with it just being met with some stern words from the ref. It seems the constant blood-streams from the cut she received in the 29th minute have softened the referee's reaction to the nasty foul. Otherwise, I was impressed with the referee's attitude throughout the game, knowing when to turn from affable and understanding to strict and demanding. In the second half there were two contentious decisions sandwiched by two great ones. The first great call came in the 59th minute. Johnston (USA) was closer to her goal-line than her German opponent, both facing the American goal. When the ball was delivered by the Germans, the US defender stretched her arm, shoving the German and thus preventing her from reaching the ball comfortably. Many referees, in these circumstances, when the scoreline was 0-0, would have turned a blind eye, escaping to the middle of the pitch and waving away any complaint if there had been one. Miss Albon indicated to the penalty-spot. Later people argued she should have shown the red to Johnston for preventing a goal-scoring opportunity. It is debatable. Anyway -